A few words about us

Whether you are setting up in business for the first time or if you’ve been around the block several tines, we will provide you with a fast, cost-effective and straight forward service that cuts through the jargon and legalese. You will be assisted by a professionally qualified member of our team with more than 25 years experience in the area of start-ups. They will be able to advise you on taxation, finance, accounting packages, grant applications, business plans and any other related matters.

The effect we can have on your business.

The assistance we provide our clients can be the difference between success and failure. Importantly this assistance will also allow you to concentrate on the functioning of your new business rather than focus on the paper work involved in getting your new business up and running successfully.

Our experience and what it can mean to your business.

We have vast experience in the formation of new companies and have seen the many areas people can overlook whilst endeavouring to form a new company. Allow us to assist you with this task as your main concentration should be on the running of your new company at this time. There are many compliance issues which can arise during the formation of a company, we have the knowledge and expertise to navigate you through these, enabling your company to have the best start possible.

Looking to the future once your business is set up.

Once your company is up and running you can then benefit from our team of experienced professionals. We are experts in Taxation, audits, bookkeeping and payroll and more. Starting your company with us allows to guide you from the very start. Then as your business continues to grow and succeed we can assist you by offering a financial growth package that suites your needs and budget. Our many accountancy and financial business services can be at your disposal and scale with your continued growth.

Why choose us


Experts in Business Registration

We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls that most new business owners will generally encounter.


Company Formation

1. Company Formation
2. Tax Registration (if Required)
3. One hour Free Consultation

All for just €150


Accounting and financial services

So we have assisted you in the setting up of your new business which is great but it’s only the first step. This first step will have given you a feel for our value to your business from our financial advise to our list of financial and business services which can be scaled to meet your requirements.

Our Expert Team

  • Gerry Gormley
    Gerry Gormley Public Accountant & Partner

    Has more than twenty five years’ experience in the area of business start-ups. Apart from acting as advisor to small and medium sized businesses he has been involved in setting up successful businesses himself, including contract publishing and vocational training businesses.

  • Bernard McGeever
    Bernard McGeever Chartered Accountant & Partner

    Specialises in both corporate and personal insolvency as well as audit. He has worked with the firm since 1978. His commitment to hard work and attention to detail has enabled his clients to be well place to avail of many opportunities over the years.

  • Michael Kelly (ACCA)
    Michael Kelly (ACCA) Accountant (ACCA)

    Michael is responsible for tax planning and taxation issues. He assists start-ups on tax mitigation and incentives. He also has considerable experience in business planning, financing and banking.

  • Veronica Collins
    Veronica Collins Accounting & Taxation

    Has been working with Gerard in the business start-up section since it commenced. She also has extensive experience in accounting and taxation for Limited Companies, Sole-traders and Partnerships.

  • Yvonne Cladingboel
    Yvonne Cladingboel Office Manager

    Is the office manager and considerable experience in accounting. She is also responsible for HR issues for a number of clients and assists Bernard in certain areas of insolvency such as redundancy and employment law.

  • Jean Francois Cauchye
    Jean Francois Cauchye Payroll and Book-keeping

    Deals with payroll and book-keeping on behalf of clients.

  • Joanna Polit
    Joanna Polit Book-keeping and Accounts Preparation

    Deals with new business registrations, book-keeping and accounts preparation.

  • Julita Kubika
    Julita Kubika Office Administrator

    Julita manages deadlines and deals with companies office filing. She is also responsible for tax registrations.

Start building your company with us.